Frisbee Disc Golf

Pleasant Prairie’s new frisbee disc golf course at Pleasant Prairie Park (locatedPleasant Prairie Disc Golf Promo at 8400 104th Avenue ) is open and ready for the public to play. 

Frisbee disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target or basket. It is played using rules similar to golf. There are nine baskets at Pleasant Prairie Park and each basket is a par three. Score cards are available at the park and here for players to use.

Course Description
The course consists of nine holes for beginner and intermediate disc golfers. Recommended group size is three to five people to ensure speed of play. It takes about 1.5 hours to play through the course. On or over any road if out of bounds.

Disc Golf Basic Rules
1. The purpose of the game is to get a disc from the tee to the target with the least amount of throws possible. You may use a selection of discs.

2. After the initial throw, the player farthest from the target throws next. Subsequent shots will be thrown from where the disc came to rest. Players will throw as many times as is needed to get the disc to rest inside the target.

3. If the disc is within ten meters (approximately 33 feet) to the target, the throw is called a putt and cannot be stepped over.

4. Each hole is finished when the disc comes to rest inside the target. The player who has completed all holes at the lowest score is the winner.

5. Safety is the top priority. If you might hit someone with a disc, shout “Four!” or anything loud to warn the individual. Please be polite to others users in the area. Always wait until the hole is clear of all players/pedestrians before throwing. And leave the course in good condition.

6. Players are required to follow both disc golf and park rules. Please do not litter.

For complete disc golf rules of play, please visit

Disc Golf Map and Scorecard
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