Department Overview
The Village of Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue Department is a combination department that utilizes full-time and paid-on-premise staff.
The  Department has thirty-one (31) full-time members. This comprises of twenty-seven (27) Firemedics who work a 24 hour shift covering two stations. There are three (3) Chief Officers; The Fire Chief and two Assistant Chief's. There is one (1) administrative staff person that resides at Station #2. The Chief Officers and administrative staff person work a typical 40-hour Monday through Friday schedule. The number of part-time personnel can vary.
The Chief Officers rotate week to week being on call during non-business hours to respond to larger emergencies that may require a more strategic level of supervision rather than a tactical level from the Lieutenants on duty. Each chief officer performs about 17 weeks per of on-call time each year.

All personnel within the fire department are cross-trained. This means all personnel have training in Fire suppression, EMS, and specialized rescue disciplines. See the All Hazards Approach Section for detailed descriptions.

Full-Time Firemedics
All full-time personnel are cross-trained as both firefighter and paramedic, hence the title: Firemedic. Within the full-time personnel are the positions of Chief & Assistant Chief (2) of Fire & Rescue, six (6) Lieutenants and nineteen (21) Firemedics.

Each full-time Firemedic has received more than 1,200 hours of basic training either prior to hire or within the first year of becoming a member of the department. All full-time personnel are trained to the Wisconsin certified Firefighter II, and a Wisconsin certified Paramedic.

Part-time Fire Staff
The number of part-time staff can vary over time. They typically work up to 28 hours each week. The minimum requirement is WI Firefighter I and at minimum a WI EMT-Basic

In addition to the above credentials, Ultimately all full-time Firemedics are trained or certified in the following disciplines:

  • NFPA 1670 Trench, Rope, Confined Space, Collapse Operations
  • HazMAT Technician
  • WI Certified Motor Pump Operator (MPO)
  • WI Certified Aerial Operator
  • Rescue Task Force (RTF) (EMS) training
  • Surface Water & ICE Rescue
  • Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Suppression

Many members continue and certify in the following:

  • WI Certified Inspector
  • WI Certified Emergency Service Instructor
  • Tactical EMS Operator (TEMS) with local law enforcement
  • Fire Investigation Task Force County member

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