Department Overview
    The Village of Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue Department is a combination department that utilizes full-time, part-time, and paid-on-call (POC) members.
    The  Department has twenty-nine (29) full-time members. This comprisies of twenty-five (25) Firemedics who work a 24 hour shift covering two stations. There are three (3) Chief Officers; The Fire Chief and two Assistant Fire Chief's. There is one (1) administrative staff person that resides at Station #2. The Chief Officers and administrative staff person work a typical 40-hour Monday through Friday schedule. The number of part-time personnel can vary.
    The Chief Officers rotate week to week being on call during non-business hours to respond to larger emergencies that may require a more strategic level of supervision rather than a tactical level from the Lieutenants on duty.

    Full-Time Firemedics
    All 25 full-time personnel are cross-trained as both firefighter and paramedic, hence the title: Firemedic. Within the full-time personnel are the positions of Chief & Assistant Chief (2) of Fire & Rescue, six (6) Lieutenants and nineteen (19) Firemedics.

    Each full-time Firemedic has received more than 1,200 hours of basic training either prior to hire or within the first year of becoming a member of the department. All full-time personnel are trained to the Wisconsin certified Firefighter II, and a Wisconsin certified Paramedic.
    In addition to the above credentials, Ultimately all full-time Firemedics are trained or certified in the following disciplines:

    • NFPA 1670 Trench, Rope, Confined Space, Collapse Operations
    • HazMAT Technician
    • WI Certified Motor Pump Operator (MPO)
    • WI Certified Aerial Operator
    • Rescue Task Force (RTF) (EMS) training
    • Surface Water & ICE Rescue
    • Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Suppression

    Many members continue and certify in the following:

    • WI Certified Inspector
    • WI Certified Emergency Service Instructor
    • Tactical EMS Operator (TEMS) with local law enforcement
    • Fire Investigation Task Force County member

    Hiring Processes
    Full-time, part-time and POC personnel participate in similar hiring process and training programs to assure all personnel meet our qualifications and expectations. Ultimately, our POC members perform most nearly all of the tasks performed by the full-time staff associated with fire ground operations, rescue activities, and medical emergencies, as well as other support services at the scene of emergency operations.

    Part-Time Personnel
    Part-time personnel are used to perform work within the fire stations. Personnel eligible to work part-time shifts come from within the POC ranks or in some cases from outside of our department. Personnel working part-time shifts may be trained as paramedics; Motor Pump Operators (MPO) to operate the fire pumpers, grass, and aerial platform trucks; or hold both levels of training, MPO and Paramedic. Part-time personnel may perform most of the duties performed by a full-time Firemedic.

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