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Water Utility Rates
Effective May 1, 2022
PSC Final Decision

Water Fixed Charges
These costs are related to maintaining meters, reading meters, and billing costs.

Meter Size Monthly Charge
5/8 inch        $15.01
3/4 inch        $15.01
1 inch        $27.02
1-1/4 inch        $39.03
1-1/2 inch        $52.04
2 inch        $97.07
3 inch        $187.13
4 inch        $309.22
6 inch        $407.28
8 inch        $570.40
10 inch        $719.50
12 inch        $796.56

Water Use Charges

The amount of water use, measured by a water meter. Usage is billed in units per 1,000 gallons.

Residential Usage
All water used monthly - $4.19 per 1,000 gallons

Nonresidential Usage

First 16,000 gallons used monthly - $5.19 per 1,000 gallons
Next 250,000 gallons used monthly - $4.74 per 1,000 gallons
Over 267,000 gallons used monthly - $4.29 per 1,000 gallons 

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Sewer Utility Rates
Effective October 1, 2019

             PP Sewer District LM Sewer District
Meter Size       Monthly Charge Monthly Charge

5/8 inch                              $14.10                       $17.63
3/4 inch            $14.10
1 inch          $22.50
1-1/2 inch                      $36.50
2 inch            $53.30
3 inch            $92.50
4 inch            $148.50
6 inch      $288.50
Sewer Usage Charges
per 1,000 gallons used      $4.49               $5.61

Sewer Surcharge Calculation (for commercial, public authority and industrial customers only)
(Reading minus allowable limit) X (Monthly Sewer Discharge/1,000,000) X conversion factor from gallons to pounds X rate per pound
BOD: (BOD - 180) x (Monthly Sewer Discharge/1,000,000) x 8.34 x $ 0.48
TSS: (TSS - 200) x (Monthly Sewer Discharge/1,000,000) x 8.34 x $ 0.41
PHOS: (PHOS - 6.0) x (Monthly Sewer Discharge/1,000,000) x 8.34 x $ 6.86

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Public Fire Protection
Effective May 1, 2022
$.01796 per $1,000 of Property Value per Month

What is Public Fire Protection?
This charge applies to all Village of Pleasant Prairie property owners, located in the Pleasant Prairie Water Utility. This is a cost of maintaining water infrastructure for the purpose of providing water to fight fires. Fire hydrants are primarily used for fighting fires and are allocated entirely to the public fire protection category. All other utility infrastructures, including water mains, towers, and reservoirs, are designed to provide some water in reserve for fire fighting while maintaining access to the water supply and is, therefore, partially allocated to this cost.

But I own a vacant lot and there isn't a water hydrant on my property, why should I pay?
Utilities have to provide extra capacity in their systems to ensure there will be adequate and reliable water pressure to fight fires. Even though this extra fire protection capacity is seldom used since fires are not very common, costs are still incurred by the utility and must be paid for - hence the need for fire protection charges.

Clean Water Utility
Effective January 1, 2021
$6.00 per ERU

The Clean Water Utility was established in 2006 to address federal mandates to improve storm water quality.

Storm water originates from rain, melting snow and other water that runs off of your property and enters storm water facilities (such as storm sewers and ditches).  Storm water facilities eventually lead back to our lakes and rivers.  

The Clean Water Utility works to improve both the flow of storm water away from residential areas and the filtering of contaminates (from things such as fertilizer, pet wastes and vehicle fluids) from water that runs off of every property int he Village. 

Funds are collected for the maintenance and future replacement of storm water infrastructure.  

For more detailed information click here.

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Private Fire Protection
This service is for Commercial and Industrial customers and does not apply to Residential customers. Private Fire Protection shall consist of permanent or continuous unmetered connections to the main for the purpose of supplying water to private fire protection systems such as automatic sprinkler systems, standpipes, and private hydrants. This service shall also include reasonable quantities of water used for testing check valves and other backflow prevention devices.

Monthly Private Fire Protection Service Demand Charges

Connection Size     Monthly charge
2 inch or smaller    $6.00
3 inch    $12.00
4 inch    $18.00
6 inch    $36.00
8 inch    $60.00
10 inch    $82.00
12 inch    $110.00
14 inch    $138.00
16 inch    $166.00

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Winter Based Average (or Sprinkling Credit)
The winter base volume shall be that volume of water that can be verified through the use of municipal water meter readings for a four-month period closest to December 1 through March 31. This volume shall serve as the basis for determining the sewer volume charge for residential customers for five billing periods closest to May 1 through September 30. To establish a winter-based average volume, two months of readings in the four-month evaluation period (December 1 through March 31) is necessary. Zero usage is considered a nonreading. Volume is based on a customer, not a location. Any customer that does not have two readings in the four-month evaluation period will be charged actual volume during the summer months.

Those sewer customers that are not connected to the Village's or Kenosha Water Utility's (KWU) municipal water system shall have the same monthly volume year around that was established during the last sewer rate study.

Kenosha Water Utility (KWU) should provide annually water usage for the previous year to the Village of Pleasant Prairie for those Pleasant Prairie sanitary sewer customers that are served by municipal water from the KWU. The information provided by KWU will be used to determine a new monthly volume starting May 1. If the KWU does not provide winter water usage, the KWU municipal water customer with Pleasant Prairie sanitary sewer will be responsible for providing the appropriate information. They may bring in two KWU utility bill stubs by May 1 each year from the KWU representing usage closest to December 1 through March 31, and that average consumption shall be used to calculate a winter base volume. If KWU municipal water customers do not provide two utility billing stubs each year, those customers will be billed based on the volume established for sewer customers that are not connected to a municipal water system, see paragraph two above.

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Bill Payment Information

A charge of 1% of the unpaid balance per month will be added to bills not paid within 20 days from the date of issuance. Utility bills not paid by November 1st will be added to the tax roll with a 10% penalty. Failure to receive bill does not waive past due penalty.
A $25 charge will be added to an account when payment is returned for non-sufficient funds

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Please watch this video to learn about water rates and conservation.

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