Park and Open Space Plan

Park land, recreation trails and natural areas are key components of high quality living environments. Such open spaces provide a community with many benefits. These include helping to meet human needs for outdoor recreation, promoting and accommodating a healthy lifestyle for residents, enhancing the aesthetic quality of a community, increasing property values, attracting visitors and tourists, shaping development patterns, and protecting the natural environment.

Over the years, the Village of Pleasant Prairie has planned for and developed a park and recreation system that is designed to meet the needs of the people who live in the community. Along the way, the Village has not only accoPark and Open Space Planunted for its own park and open space needs, but has also maintained a regional perspective, taking measures to preserve critical ecosystems and watersheds, and providing parks and recreational facilities that serve the surrounding communities in Wisconsin and Illinois. This Park and Open Space Plan update was prepared to further this tradition of park and recreation planning in Pleasant Prairie.

The primary purpose of this Plan is to proactively plan for the Village’s future park and recreation needs. Furthermore, the policy recommendations and programs presented in the Plan will guide the acquisition, preservation, and development of land for parks, recreation trails, and other open spaces in the Village to meet the needs of a growing and changing population, including those with special needs and handicapped. Such recommendations will also serve to protect and enhance the community’s natural needs of the community (through the year 2035), it also focuses on policy recommendations and programs to be implemented over the next five-year period. 
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