Right of Way

The Importance of Maintaining the Right of Way
The right of way is the publicly owned space between private properties and the road, encompassing sidewalks, areas by the curb, and adjacent strips of land.

Maintaining the right of way benefits the community by improving aesthetics, safety, and quality of life. It also fosters a sense of pride and shared responsibility among neighbors, enhancing the overall community atmosphere.

Residents are responsible for several tasks to uphold the right of way:

• Trimming Trees: Property owners should ensure that trees and branches from their property don’t obstruct the right of way, especially overhanging branches that could interfere with pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles.

• Cutting Grass: Regular upkeep of grassy areas within the right of way is essential for appearance and functionality. Property owners need to mow the grass, remove weeds, and maintain the tidiness of the area.

• Shoveling Sidewalks: During winter, residents must promptly clear snow and ice from the sidewalks bordering their properties within the right of way. This guarantees safety and accessibility for pedestrians, including those with mobility challenges.
Maintained right of way on the left vs unmaintained right of way on the right

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