Wisconsin's continental climate means this state enjoys a little bit of everything, weather-wise. Summers are generally warm and pleasant, while the area is covered with a thick blanket of white snow in winter.


Southeastern Wisconsin's average annual temperature ranges from 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Average temperatures in the summer fall into the 60-to-70-degree range, with temperatures climbing to over 90 degrees for approximately two weeks. Winters are extremely cold in Southeastern Wisconsin, with temperatures staying in the teens and single digits and occasionally falling to as low as minus 30 or lower. In the spring, the last freeze usually occurs from early May to late June. In the fall, the first freeze occurs sometime between late August to mid-October.


Summers are generally rainy in Wisconsin, and the state experiences about 30 to 40 thunderstorms per year, with occasional hail and lightning. Annual precipitation figures range from approximately 28 to 34 inches, depending on the region.


Along with Wisconsin's famous cold winters comes a great deal of snow. Average snowfall ranges from 40 to 50 inches per year in the southern part of Wisconsin. In the south, the first major snowfall usually occurs around early December. Lake effect snow makes Pleasant Prairie a winter wonderland during the cold months.

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