The Kenosha County Hazmat Team, established in 2007, is a multi-jurisdictional hazardous materials response team within Kenosha County (recognized by the state as a type 4 team).  Departments that comprise the team are Somers, Bristol, Paris, Wheatland and Salem Lakes. Currently there are 46 members active on the team. 
The Pleasant Prairie Fire Department as part of the County HAZMAT Team are comprised of full-time and part-time members.  Upon request, the HAZMAT Team will respond to the scene of a hazardous materials incident within and outside the Kenosha County lines.

What is a Hazardous Material ?

A hazardous material, by definition, is “any element, compound or substance that poses an unreasonable risk to health or property and which, because of handling, storage, processing or packaging, may have detrimental effects on emergency personnel, the public, equipment and/or the environment.”

All members of the Pleasant Prairie Fire Department are specially trained to operate at hazmat incidents and are certified at the Hazardous Material Technician or Operations level. We are certified as Highway Emergency Responders and Railcar Specialists.


With three railroads, I-94 corridor and The Village of Pleasant Prairie having over 1,400 acres of industrial park the team has to be well trained and skilled. We perform multiple drills and trainings throughout the year maintaining competencies per NFPA 472.  We are able to mitigate spills, leaks and releases from multiple types of chemicals.


Pleasant Prairie Fire Department and the Kenosha County HAZMAT Team are dedicated to the protection of life, property and environment.

For more question regarding HAZMAT please contact Assistant Chief Aaron Longrie at 262.694.4066 or email [email protected].
Ammonia Leak
The white fog shown above is actually a massive vapor cloud of Ammonia. This was an actual incident where a Ammonia tank/trailer used in farm field application leaked while being transported on a roadway. Numerous individuals where taken to the hospital with inhalation injuries.
HM 2 PPFD #1
One of two Team trailers. HM 2 is kept at Pleasant Prairie Station #1, and HM 1 is kept at Somers Station #1
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