Fireworks Reminder

Fireworks Reminder
Posted on 07/02/2019
While summertime and patriotic holidays are traditionally celebrated with lighting off fireworks, Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue would like to remind the public that fireworks are not allowed in the Village of Pleasant Prairie. Those possessing or using fireworks in the Village can be cited by Village Police. If the fireworks cause a fire response, those causing the response will be billed for responding
fire apparatus and personnel.

“This strict policy is set for the safety of the residents of Pleasant Prairie,” explained Chief of Fire & Rescue Craig Roepke, “We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.”

The Village of Pleasant Prairie defines fireworks as follows: anything manufactured, possessed or packaged for exploding, emitting sparks or combustion which does not have another common use, including but not limited to any of the following; a device designed to produce an audible sound, whether or not it explodes, sparks, moves or emits an external flame; a device that emits smoke, whether or not it emits an external flame and whether or not it leaves the ground; any cylindrical fountain which emits sparks or smoke; any cone fountain which emits sparks or smoke; toy snakes, whether or not they contain mercury; such other devices which are defined as fireworks under § 167.10, Wis. Stats., as amended from time to time.

Click here to read the Village of Pleasant Prairie’s fireworks ordinance.
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