Creekside Terrace Subdivision Final Plat

Creekside Terrace Subdivision Final Plat
Posted on 07/06/2020
Plans are moving forward for the 42 lot single-family Creekside Terrace subdivision. The Village Board on Monday, July 6, approved the Final Plat, Vacation of Easements, Development Agreement and related exhibits, Zoning Map Amendment, and Comprehensive Plan Amendments for the proposed subdivision. The new homes will be the final phase of development for Creekside, which is located adjacent to Creekside Circle, west of 62nd Avenue, and extends around to 91st Street.

The Final Plat approval allows Bear Development to build on the remaining 47.5 acres of vacant land within Creekside Crossing and create 42 single-family units, with four outlots. The subdivision will connect to The Vista apartment project that is currently under construction. Each single-family lot will be a minimum of 12,500 square feet, with an average lot size of 19,159 square feet. A majority of the lots will be adjacent to open space, retention basins, or wetlands. 

In addition to developing the lots, Bear Development will complete the construction of Creekside Circle, 62nd Avenue, and construct a bridge over Jerome Creek. The Final Plat places a cul-de-sac at the end of 62nd Avenue. Although, if wetlands are allowed to be filled by permit, 62nd Avenue could continue north, and 89th Street could extend east to create additional access through the subdivision. 
Bear has agreed to install public sidewalks within Creekside Crossing, to provide interior connections along Creekside Circle that complete neighborhood blocks and eliminate paths that dead end. The developer also intends to donate funds to the Village to add playground equipment in Creekside Park. The Creekside Terrace project intends to help meet the housing demand needs of the community as the Village continues to develop.
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