Non-Emergency Phone System

Implementing New Non-Emergency Phone System
Posted on 07/08/2024
Starting July 15, the Village of Pleasant Prairie will transition its non-emergency phone answering system from a live operator to an automated attendant with a phone tree system. This change will help manage the increasing call volumes and streamline operations for Pleasant Prairie Dispatch.

Dispatchers currently act as operators, directing non-emergency calls to the appropriate departments. However, the growing call volume has prompted a shift to an automated system. This transition will allow dispatchers to concentrate on critical tasks such as fielding emergency calls, coordinating with fire and police departments, and maintaining communications with public safety personnel in surrounding communities.

The new phone tree system will provide a structured and organized approach to handling incoming calls, ensuring they are managed promptly and efficiently. By directing callers to the appropriate department or individual, the system will eliminate the need for callers to explain their situations repeatedly.

The new system will be available on July 15, 2024. To access the new non-emergency phone system, residents can dial 262.694.7353. The call tree options are as follows: 
  • 1 - Police Department Records
  • 2 - Property and Evidence
  • 3 - Administrative Assistant
  • 4 - Officer Name List
  • 5 - Burn Permits
  • 6 - Emergency Dispatch
This phone update represents the Village’s commitment to improving service quality for all residents. Some key benefits of the new system include efficiency and prompt service. Common inquiries, such as whether it is a burn day, can be answered quickly through pre-programmed responses, reducing the load on dispatchers. The phone tree will also quickly direct customer inquiries to the correct department, enhancing the overall customer experience.
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