Village Green Center Draft Master Plan

Village Green Center Vision and Design Plans
Posted on 06/26/2020
The Village of Pleasant Prairie and RINKA, a Milwaukee-based architectural design firm, hosted a virtual public meeting to present the Draft Master Plan for the Village Green Center (VGC) on Thursday, June 25. The virtual meeting had 160 people attend to learn about the vision for the proposed mixed-use downtown development and ask questions about the design concept.

The Village and resident-driven Steering Committee's partnership with RINKA began over a year ago when the design firm was contracted to craft the overall master plan for the VGC and create the vision for the development. The vision statement for the development states that the VGC will establish an inclusive, vibrant community core that connects people, celebrates nature, and provides compelling opportunities for sustainable development in an authentically Pleasant Prairie environment.

The project's vision was created from the active participation of the Steering Committee that consists of local community members. The planning process began with a visioning session that established a foundation and defined project goals. Committee members participated in activities that gave direction and helped identify eight design principals: identity, vibrancy, community connections, inclusivity, walkability, mobility, natural connections, and sustainability. 

The plan features 68 acres of connected greenspace and approximately 1,300 new residential units to support about 40,000 square feet of commercial space. The idea is to create an inclusive community that incorporates civic, commercial, hospitality, food, beverage, office, active senior living, multi-family, and single-family spaces. The plan proposes developing the more dense mixed-use space near the Village Green Center and reducing the density farther away to transition buildings and homes into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Connected green spaces are designed throughout the development to encourage walkability. The plans include protected bicycle lanes and nature trails through some of the natural wetlands and woodlands in the area. Pedestrian-friendly connection points are linked throughout the development. It creates a network of paths that generate full loops around the VGC, ensuring every part of the site is accessible by pedestrians and visitors.  

Initial concepts for the VGC arose during an open engagement process in 2019. The development area consists of approximately 180 acres of land, generally located at Springbrook Road, 39th Avenue, and State Highway 165. RINKA, Village staff, and the Steering Committee will create a final VGC Master Plan after reviewing the public feedback from the Draft Master Plan. Zoning documents will also be developed to guide the layout for public and private improvements within the VGC.

A copy of the Virtual Public Information meeting has been posted below. Also, the Village Green Center's visuals and a digital animation can be found on RINKA’s website,

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