Prairie Springs Park Receives Lightning Detection System
Posted on 06/06/2022
The Pleasant Prairie Recreation Department at RecPlex recently installed a Thorguardian system along the shores of Lake Andrea to help keep visitors at Prairie Springs Park safe. The technology is an advanced lightning detection and warning system equipped with a sensor that continuously monitors the atmosphere's electrostatic energy within a 15-mile radius of the park. 

"The Thorguardian system eliminates any confusion about when hazardous lightning conditions are present," stated Athletics & Recreation Manager Brett Christopher. "Lightning is often on the horizon around Prairie Springs Park. The system will only signal people in the area to seek shelter when a potential lightning hazard is within a two-and-a-half-mile radius of the park." 

The lightning detection system operates daily, between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., from the northern side of Lake Andrea. Thorguardian was tested at various points around the park to ensure area guests could hear the warning throughout Prairie Springs Park. The device has air horns that send alerts in a 360-degree pattern when lightning is detected. The system signals with one 15-second air horn blast and strobing lights that continually flash to indicate everyone in the area should seek shelter. The system will stop flashing and signal with three five-second air horn blasts to notify when it is safe to return to normal activities. 

People that live or work near the park may hear the horns sound during a storm or when the system is tested; however, no action is needed. The alerts are in place to warn people visiting the park of lightning hazards and notify them to look for a protected place to stay until the lightning has subsided.
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